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Danilo Ignacio, Host of WebSharezTV "LIVE"

Get ready for our next installment of WebSharezTV coming to you LIVE from New York City.

Hosted by Danilo Ignacio, on the streets of Harlem from The Barbershop to the pop-up shop, supporting local entrepreneurs on our next monthly installment, run time 120-minute episode, wstv_004

WebSharezTV, a dynamic visual platform for Watching Reality-based programs on the world wide web with the combined power of user-generated media and the tools of journalism we have created a channel that focuses on programming in several areas: arts, history, science, news and social justice, Through current events, webisodes, documentaries to a cooking show, all reality-based programs,  allowing filmmakers/videographers the opportunity to broadcast there visual presentation alone side our progressive way of re-edit and deliver a visual presentation that includes promotions and advertisement material throughout our broadcast slots time.  

Reality TV @ its Realest, From around the world to around the corner, You can't liberate your mind if it's occupied, See What the World is Really WATCHING, right here on WebSharezTV. com

Letting the world know you exist is one of the most important things that you can do as an independent entrepreneur, entertainment artists and or service provider.. Ask yourselves why do you know every major Corporation which includes #McDonalds #Walmart #Nike #Prada #Gucci and the list can go on and on, the basis for their success is advertising and promoting locally as well as out to the world... Information is powerful and when you're unable to be informed you're unable to make better decisions for your life,

It all starts with changing your mindset... The biggest form of visual information is The American Broadcasting System that is owned and operated by supremacist their objective is not to give you the information that is needed to grow as a human to live a substantially successful lifestyle, they are here to sequester your mindset and leave you disenfranchised, join the digital Revolution.
Are you an activist or Have a product and or service endeavor, let the world know you exist.

See what the world is watching

You can't liberate your mind if it occupied!

WebSharezTV is committed to creating a multi-platform presence, to be available anywhere at any time to the public it serves. with video-on-demand programs & Partnering with content providers / independent production houses to Local broadcasters and other community organizations to make great content available to the public for free.

Our broadcast content is now available to cable, satellite, the Internet,  wireless & mobile devices, teaming up with start-ups and innovators to break new ground in educational and informational thought visual materials delivered not only through our online TV channel but to many of the mainstream social media networks across the information highway without the loss of commercial appeal, in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can.  

With one of the best streaming reality-based, video-on-demand programs, with a monthly installment of 120-minute episodes, that includes a short film, reality shows, social commentary,  & what's trending online with issues that reflect the values and interest of viewers worldwide.

The purpose of WSTV is not to aid the industrial giants in becoming more powerful over us, but to be beneficial toward “established independent professionals”  by limiting the exposure opportunities given to corporate giants within our programming an increasing the exposure for independent companies to everyday people looking to share their gifts, talents, products, services, and opinions online by creating an equal broadcasting platform that allows us all the opportunity to share in the American dream.

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Our channel encourages educational activities, activists and community involvement. 

During the next several months WebSharezTV will expand our broadcasting capability by  creating a "LIVE" Streaming channel offering independent production companies, public figures, filmmakers, and entertainment artist the opportunity to utilize a time & day stamp broadcast schedule.  broadcasting and "functioning like" a live cable TV channels exclusively on the worldwide web.   

For example, your show can air at 8:00 p.m., every Wednesday night on a weekly basis, based on Eastern Standard Time, allowing us the opportunity in becoming  one of the few premiere (IPTV) the delivery of television content over a live Internet Protocol, 

Publicity is the public visibility or awareness for any product, service, or company.

  • Publicity is the public visibility or awareness for any product, service, or company. It may also refer to the movement of visual information from its source to the general public.   

 Advertising is the action of calling public attention to an idea, goods, or service,

  •  Advertising is the action of calling public attention to an idea, goods, or service, specifically intended to inform and/or influence one or more persons in repetition.  

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